Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Where Water Turns Rock Red

I was busy writing (dictating) several chapters of Uncompahgre—where water turns rock red, the third novel of the Threads West, An American Saga series, the other day. I needed a break, some time to reflect on a particularly critical scene between several characters, and had a chore to do about a half-mile from ranch house. I decided to combine some outdoor time with pondering and manual productivity.
It struck me as I was putting a top rail back on a jack leg fence that a band of fleeing elk had dislodged, just how much I like writing this story and how thrilled I am that so many are getting such pleasure reading it. The awards and #1 best-selling (Romance, Western Romance, Historical Fiction, Western, and more) status of both Threads West, Book One and Maps of Fate,Book Two, have stunned and humbled me. I chuckled to myself as I recalled the incessant banter and prodding to get Book Two done from too many readers to count.
Well, Uncompahgre is rolling along the arc of the story. The characters whisper to me from their stage of conflict, passion, and the rugged lands American West. The plot is unfolding as I have envisioned it for decades and so far I am delighted with what’s getting down on paper. I hope you will be too. We are going to start publishing periodic excerpts from Book Three soon, and we are aiming for a November 2012 National release and Branding Day. So, keep your ears to the track!

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