Monday, August 6, 2012

One of Wyoming's most successful author's was in Cheyenne signing copies of his latest novel.

Reid Lance Rosenthal, a rancher from Douglas, was signing and promoting his latest novel "Maps of Fate" Saturday.

It's the second novel of 16 in his western series; "Threads West: An American Saga".

He says the upcoming books in the series will take place in locations all over Wyoming, including Cheyenne.

Rosenthal began writing the series just two years ago and has already received eight national awards.

The Douglas rancher says the series is unique because it resonates with people of all genders, ages and political views.

"Doesn't really matter what the political persuasion is or what the life outlook is. Everybody seems to get into the story and get the message and that's really gratifying because I tried to write it that way," Rosenthal said.

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