Monday, August 6, 2012

Maps of Fate.... Extended My Vacation ... (Amazon book review)

"I had the pleasure of meeting Reid at an airport gate; on my return home from a working guest ranch in CO. Came home read and both books: I was able to re-live what I do each spring in CO. Hear the coyotes yip, see the vast Plains unfold toward the Rockies, smell the air, be over-whelmed by the sky, the sunshine, the stars, feel the wind, know how your skin (and mouth) feel after a day on horseback with cattle churning up dust, smell the saddle leather and sweat. 1855 maybe long gone in a historical sense, yet these characters live on in Reid's books.

People never really change....look for your ancestors,recognize friends,find yourself in Maps of Fate.

Even if you never take the opportunity to visit the the books. Reid does an excellent job of portraying this land and it's people. About real as it gets. Waiting for book 3."

~Hilbert (Amazon review) 

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