Thursday, December 29, 2011

Threads West is a gem!

After reading a few chapters of Threads West, you'll discover a "favorite new author." Once you've read the book, you'll agree this saga will be considered one of the great literary works of our time!

This author writes in full technicolor-a true artist with nouns and verbs, painting a story with a pen. incredibly gifted. His style of writing captures a reader's attention and won't let go! It stimulates the physical senses so we can feel, taste, smell, hear and see vivid pictures of the characters and setting which he so meticulously describes. Characters that are interesting and diverse with complex lives become artfully merged with one another to create this really remarkable and unforgettable story.

And yes, I do believe I'm beginning to display signs of mild obsessive behavior for this author's work and the Threads West book series! So please Reid, have some mercy on us who are now unsuccessfully fumbling through other books searching for that magical place you've taken us to, and get the second book to the printer-pronto!
~Nancy K.

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  1. Just finished first three books in the series. I really liked the story, the read and especially the break between the books in the series. I am not a fan of switching story lines in a book to follow different characters but this one did it with style and readability. I am ordering the rest of the series ASAP. Ken R