Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Amazing American saga


At last we have an American writer who's gifts go beyond perfectly blending fictional characters into true past events. With an amazing talent Mr. Reid Rosenthal carries you into breath taking panoramas of the hills and mountains of Colorado and Montana. Not without flirting , he will transport you all over Europe , where the decadence, high fashion, crystal perfume bottles and hearts are broken!

From ardent love, betrayal, disappointment, fears to wild hopes and restlessness, all your senses are guaranteed to work overtimes.

This is the first volume of a much needed well balanced novel. It has all the potential to make a believer out of you. After craving for so long for a sexy, but not cheap, intelligent and well poised but not sordid novel, I'm a believer...

Each word in this book is worth million pictures, suspended on a wall of a breezy sea wind, women's perfumes fading away on a locomotive smoke, warm sweat of wild horses pushing away the dry heat and dust of a late summer day when pine needles can be sniffed miles away.

Exuberant, sexy, informative, this book let me crave for more


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