Thursday, December 1, 2011

How Does This #1 Bestselling Romance Writer Bring Back Character Traits of the Old West?


Way before America’s industrial revolution, when times were rotten and a better future seemed

uncertain, people were tough.

And they persevered because they didn’t wait for everything around them to go right... they

relied on their own ingenuity and each other.

This can-do attitude is typified by the universal energies of the land, romance, the American Spirit and mystique of the Old West.

Has our reliance on 21st century high-tech solutions quelled our desire to forge new paths of greatness for ourselves? Not by a long shot, says fourth generation land and cattle owner Reid Lance Rosenthal

If anything, a sour economy, environmental strife and politics that don’t work have kindled a nationwide reemergence of this classic American essence, he says. Have Rosenthal on-air to inspire your audience with tales of the American West— as seen through his cowboy heart—while revealing:


• Six reasons why the West still matters.

• The values of the Old West—five traits that can

save America.

• How a macho cowboy uses Western Romance to

convey the American message.


winner of 7 national awards, is the #1 bestselling debut novel

from author/rancher Reid Lance Rosenthal, the first book

of an 8-novel series that reminds us of the American Spirit

through a tale of romance, adventure, and western history.

AVAILABILITY: WY, nationwide by arrangement and

via telephone

CONTACT: Reid L. Rosenthal, (307) 251-0786 (WY);

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