Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Threads West, An American Saga Series


The Adventure and Romance of the West wrapped in a silver bolo of the American spirit. This is our story.


One saga spanning one hundred seventy years of our history, brim full of adventure and sensuality and history. Six sizzling reads. This American epic begins with Threads West,  winner of seven National Awards including Best Western, 2010, Best Romance 2011, and Best Historical Fiction, 2011. This multiple #1 best-selling, first of eight historical western romance novels is being compared to Lonesome Dove, Gone with the Wind and Centennial by reviewers, authors and readers alike. Then brace yourself as the final novel continues the tale in the real time of the tempestuous contemporary West replete with its real-time social, financial, resource, and political nuances. Set in authentic locations on three continents and in the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountains, the life threads of four generations of characters—whose personalities are forged by the land, it’s evolution and the promise of America—live, love, struggle, die, fail and succeed. In the beginning they have neither country nor culture in common—but the threads of the textured and conflicted lives of these strong women and driven men become part of the fabric of the undulating landscape of the West, and are woven into the rich and passionate tapestry of an emerging nation.

Throughout the series the energy, magnetism and evolution of the land shapes personalities and destinies with promise, freedom, self-determination, economic opportunity, power and greed. The universal energies of romance and torrid passions shape relationships and enmities, creating a real and engrossing pattern of intrigue, treachery and deep love.

Through the characters’ eyes and senses we experience carefully interwoven historical fact and little-known highly nuanced true tales. The saga spans 170 years, four generations and more than 38 primary characters ending powerfully with the final, sixth book, Summits, set in the real-time of the contemporary West. In the conclusion the West, as in modern reality, serves as the anchor for America, her spirit, and principles of years past now under assault by conflicting interests, economic adversity, a global ideological war, and a sharp divergence in opinions and aspirations of the nation’s burgeoning and increasingly restless population.

Threads West, An American Saga is the adventure and romance of the West wrapped in the silver bolo of the American spirit. It is our story. It is the ongoing tale of us.

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