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Maps of Fate

The multiple #1 Best-Selling Threads West An American Saga series, winner of seven national awards,  continues with the second Novel, Maps of Fate, being released by Wyoming based Rockin SR Publishing, in affiliation with Narrow Gate Books, and Midpoint Trade Books of New York, New York. Maps of Fate will continue this tale of the adventure and romance of the West, wrapped in a silver bolo of the American spirit, pre-Christmas, 2011.


Maps of Fate builds the suspense of this epic series as the dark history and elusive promise of the Threads West parchment maps play out through the personal filter of each of the characters you have come to know and care for in Book One. They are propelled from one adventure, danger, romantic twist and encounter to the next, each challenging experience hurtling them towards their destinies. Lethal surprises overtake some of the Threads West personalities when they are forced to defend their lands, their loved ones and their honor. New characters color the tapestry of the tale with their dark hearts, lost souls, cruelty, and hopeful innocence. Others, newly free and in search of family, a sense of place, and their slice of America, catapult into the story.

At the outbreak of the Civil War, the remote fringe of the frontier falls into virtual anarchy as most of the meager army troops are withdrawn to the East. On the Front Range of the Rockies, the militia from Cherry Creek, renamed Denver just several years prior, repels a Confederate Army mustered in Texas. But not all of the Johnny Rebs retreat South! Torrid passions and bittersweet ironies unfold in harrowing trials and joyous triumphs that give rise to the next generation of compelling characters in the series.

A surprising convergence of events in Maps of Fate sets in motion the thrilling, yet heartrending conclusion of Book Two, setting the stage for the continuation of the saga in Book Three, North to Wyoming. As the tale continues, readers will grow ever more spellbound by the passionate meld of the American spirit with the souls of the generations, the building of the heart of the nation, and the powerful, romantic energy and beauty of the western landscape.
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