Monday, April 9, 2012

The Sweeping Saga Continues! (Review)

Reid Lance Rosenthal has done it again in Maps of Fate, the second book in the Threads West series. This well-written and rich, sweeping saga is packed with adventure, romance, history, conflict, and emotion. It's as riveting as the first book of the series and continues the journey of memorable characters who seek their destiny, fight for what they believe in, and work as hard as they love. This book is a page-turner by an author with a deep love and respect for the unvarnished and rarely written-about history of the American West, including Jewish cowboys/settlers from Europe. 

The many riveting threads of the characters in the saga unveil the struggles of settlers, cowboys, mountain men, Native Americans and slaves from about 1855-1875. The Native American threads of the story ring true and poignant, as authentic and moving as Dances with Wolves. Far more romantic/sexy than McMurtry ever wrote, Maps of Fate reveals the dark underbelly of the development of the West as well as its shining triumphs. The women are not just eye candy in a costume historical. Maps of Fate is the real thing, the West coming alive and growing, and this story has a real feel of how the West was won, by men AND women. Well-researched, recommended read, five stars! 

-- Eve Paludan, "two time #1 National Best Selling Writers Digest author" --  The Man Who Fell from the Sky and Taking Back Tara 

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