Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hope you don't like to sleep...

Well, I just finished the book. I really cannot tell you how impressive the reading was. I love character development in a book. The first book I read that taught me the real importance of it was " Sometimes a Great Notion" by Keesey. With "Threads", not only are the characters alive, I can visualize how they walk, the turn of a mouth and, in some instances, how they smell. Descriptive paragraphs are beautifully done. I have read books where the author has a very high opinion of his own vocabulary, and the meaning gets lost in the verbiage. Just enough is perfect. This is what you have done. I am already in love with Rebecca and hate Jacob with a great intensity. Reuben is you. He is my friend.
I hate to make comparisons because "Threads" is a unique novel. But, since comparisons are expected, I will give you two. "Lonesome Dove" with the people involved. The strength and the darkness of the soul. Michener's "Centennial" in the scope and the interweaving of lives and, I hope, generations.
Thank you for sharing this marvelous work with me.

 ~Gary N. (Amazon review)

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