Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Good, The Not Quite So Good, and The GREAT

Dealing with larger publishers, including in New York on the rest of the Threads West series, has been interesting, highly instructional, and exciting. One of many things this newbie author has learned is that they have their protocols and advance schedules. These systems have worked enormously well for countless books they've handled over the years. They don't get too excited about making changes, which crowds their typical release timeframe.

In our previous posts, we explained the monumental May-September changes in the Threads West Series publishing structure. It took several months to structure the deal between our original little publisher, Rockin’ SR in Cheyenne, with a larger publisher, winner of over 100 National Awards, and expert in graphics and E-Books, North Gate Books of Austin, Texas. Combining that team with giant Midpoint Trade Books of New York was also time-consuming and complicated. But we are convinced the assemblage of this great team will pay huge dividends for all involved, me as the author and particularly you readers over the course of the series, including expansion of the series from six to eight books (see www.threadswestanamericansagaseries.com). 

After many months, everyone is enthused by the grand plan! Benefits include much faster distribution to bookstores in advance of releases (unlike the release of Book One), shortened waiting periods for readers, (unlike Book One, which saw its first three printings sold-out the same day and some readers waited several months), international, airport and other availability, and a set schedule for books three through eight. That is the good news! Here’s the not-so-good news: We had hoped for a pre-Christmas release for Book Two, Maps of Fate, but in the end that simply did not give New York enough time to gear up their many catalog, marketing, and distribution arms. In fact, they really wanted to release Maps of Fate in spring 2012! We finally settled on a February release date, during Valentine's Day Month! 

Now for the GREAT news!  Thousands of folks are waiting for Maps of Fate and, quite honestly, I can't wait to get it in your hands. We think you'll find your patience rewarded, but I was particularly concerned for the many of you who had planned to give the books as Christmas presents.  We have come up with the perfect solution! We struck a special deal with Barnes & Noble for 1,000 Holiday Gift Certificates. The certificate, good for the purchase of Maps of Fate, begins with the February release date. Each card accompanying the certificate will be personalized and signed by me, will be mailed directly to you in time for you to give as Christmas gifts, and there is no expiration date on the certificates, so your folks can redeem them beginning with the February release date. They simply go to Barnes&Noble.com, or a BN store, and use the certificate to purchase Book Two!  Purchase price for these Holiday Gift Certificates is only $12.  Easy-to-purchase information will be posted on both sites, www.mapsoffate.comand www.threadswestanamericansagaseries.com, this coming Thursday November 17, at 1 PM Eastern Time.  

After you make your purchase, an email purchase confirmation will be sent to you, and will include an e-mail link so that you can tell me how you would like your certificates inscribed.  All autographed Holiday Gift Cards and Certificates for Maps of Fate will be mailed to you within five business days after payment so that you can personally distribute them in plenty of time for the holidays, whether you are giving them in person or stashing them under the tree! 

Keep your ears to the track this Thursday for the specifics of this special, limited to 1,000 very unique Holiday gift certificate offer, offered only by us, and for special Christmas goings-on and offers on Debbie Sampson's prints of magnificent oil painting, “The Vanguard,” painted in her nationally acclaimed tradition exclusively for Rockin’ SR Publishing, especially for Maps of Fate. In addition, to show you we mean business in keeping the schedule after Book Two we will be having a year-end contest on your thoughts for the cover of Book ThreeNorth to Wyoming, which is firmly on schedule for late spring, 2012. 

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